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This is the new Guestbook for (from April 2012), which was created due to the old provider (Netgear) deciding to close down their hosted guestbook service.


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03.05.2012 19:31, joanne from pontypridd E-mail :
just want to wish the guys good luck for gig at chesham this weekend, i know dean andy rob rod paul and romeo will rock that stage as they always do. cant wait till 12 may when i go to gig again for 4 time since feb already this year and looking at booking a few other date. never thought i would get this excited about the band when dave b and davey g left but im so glad im proved to be wrong on this as the line up is just fantastic and they sound brilliant takes you back to years and years ago. just have to love them all

28.04.2012 22:21, Alison from Cornwall E-mail :
I've just been to see the band at Falmouth Pavillions and can I just say they were awesome, brilliant from start to finish

24.04.2012 15:33, Dana Fowler from Kent E-mail :
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Showaddywaddy gig last Saturday at The Trinity Arts Theatre it was awesome and can't wait to see them again a great fun night. Considering I was only born in 1972 and remember you from my childhood. I was the girl in the red/white polka dot dress!

24.04.2012 10:46, Tina Bartlett from Crawley, West Sussex E-mail :
Brilliant gig at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday night. Went with friends who hadn't seen the band before but are now fans !

22.04.2012 16:33, paul weedon from leicester E-mail :
OMDS i love showaddywaddy
and think there brill

21.04.2012 22:56, Dan Long :
So so so so so so so so glad that we are back on the road guys. See you in Morcombe babys!

Dan Long (Lead singer of shawaddywaddy)

Peace out wimps

19.04.2012 18:07, gloria rummel from braintree, essex. E-mail :
just like to say enjoyed the gig at braintrees art theatre on 31.3 12. my daughter came with me she 12 and she really enjoyed it. she went up on stage as well. hope you come back again sometime soon.

17.04.2012 18:45, caroline cook from derbyshire E-mail :
hi is it true that showaddywaddy are going to club oasis in september? if its true cant wait to see you, ive been a big fan for years and years.

17.04.2012 15:07, ste :
getting excited

17.04.2012 09:04, jeanette peachey from sudbury suffolk E-mail :
i went to braintree on 31st/3/12 to see sww and they were fantastic. plenty of audience singing and armchair dancing. a good night was had by all. i also got to meet the band after the show, which to me is an added bonus. thankyou sww for another good night out. love jeanette xx

15.04.2012 16:59, joanne from pontypridd E-mail :
the current line up well what can i say but just fantastic andy dean and rob fit in so well with rod paul and romeo all the guys are having such good fun on the stage and every gig i have been to they are all really down to earth freindly guys and very warm hearted blokes i have been to 3 gigs already this year and have 3 more booked. andy has a fantastic voice that just sends shivers down my spine when he sings chain gang. every gig is just a night of nights .

15.04.2012 11:35, Mike Todd E-mail :
Went to the Waterside gig last night with my wife. What a great night. I know there are not many members of the old group left but they still managed a great sound. Please pass on my thanks to the band for giving us such great entertainment.

11.04.2012 19:54, Steve E-mail :
Hi can't wait to read book

08.04.2012 20:02, Fiona Bissett from Whitley Bay E-mail :
Had a great 2 nights in Alnwick with the boys, got up with Andy for 3 steps to Heaven which was just wonderful. I have always wanted to do it. They rocked both night and everyone had a great time

08.04.2012 06:56, Steve L :
Tremendous show from the new line up

06.04.2012 09:36, TinaB from West Sussex E-mail :
Saw the band at the Brindley in Runcorn on 3 March and had a really good evening. Very impressed with the new line up and looking forward to seeing them again in the near future. It's a real shame that the event in Blackpool in June has been cancelled.

06.04.2012 03:21, Simon Thrower from Doncaster E-mail :
Being a lifelong showaddywaddy I was very wary about watching the new line up recently in skegness but I have to say it was a fantastic gig and I was very suprised at the new energy of the band. Brilliant. Well done and here's to many more.

05.04.2012 18:10, Keith H :
Good to see a new one up and running,thanks Paul

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Entries: 558
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