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This is the new Guestbook for (from April 2012), which was created due to the old provider (Netgear) deciding to close down their hosted guestbook service.


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30.06.2012 08:18, Sue :
Does anyone know if its too late to have your name listed in Daves book??. Been trying to contact Hirst for the last few months and never get a reply. It as a big bearing on whether i order it.

23.06.2012 17:20, joanne from pontypridd E-mail :
well what another great gig last night in leigh on sea spent over 4 hrs getting there but well worth the trip really had a fantastic night andy dean rob rod romeo and paul all rocked that stage. venue had alot to be desired very strange venue but the guys rocked evryone on their feet dancing and singing along to all the hits. got another gig next mth and these 4 weeks cant come quick enough and 3 others this year also booked and it looks like with the new gig dates added i will be seeing them alot more next yr too. all i can say is guys u rock no matter what the venue is like and u gave everyone a night to remember well done up the mighty wadds i say

17.06.2012 16:48, Torsten E-mail :
What a fantastic night we had yesterday. Thank you Showaddywaddy for this night full of energy and your kindly invitation for a beer and talk!

13.06.2012 12:41, Bonnie E-mail : SAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300 725528099

Selling Andys shirt from tour if anyones interested!

08.06.2012 23:14, Kieran E-mail :
Hello All Shawoddywaddy fans !

Am kieran 14 and am trying my best to get intouch with anyone todo with the band in an atempt to do a support slot when they play at my village ont 17th November.

Is there is anything any of you could do, would really appreciate it ! Kieran-McMahon/266490020058835 ?sk=app_178091127385

06.06.2012 21:03, sean from belfast E-mail :
would you all think of buddy gask great singer and of his family at this sad time will never forget him or sww r.i.p. bill

03.06.2012 15:51, Stephen Briscoe from Preston,Lancashire E-mail :
One of my favourite gigs of Showaddywaddy was on Sunday 26th April 1981 at Blackpool Opera House ,the band were on form that night to nr 3000 capacity.I remember people dancin in the balcony and everywhere else.Never wanted it to end.

03.06.2012 08:30, joanne from pontypridd E-mail :
seen the guys at worcester on 12 may and all i can say is what a fantastic night yet again and they just get better and better everytimei see them. i just cant wait to see them this mth again and again in july. and i would just like to say they have so muchfun on that stage and adndy rod rob dean paul and romeo are just so tight on that stge not a note out of place and so much fun packed into both sets anyone who thinks since dave left it wont be the same i can asure you they are fantastic and if u get a chance get a ticket and go see them as they are just brilliant. up the mighty wadds

31.05.2012 19:19, ROGER W E-mail :

Hi - I'm a long long time fan.

I want the video of Showaddywaddy's Royal Variety appearance.

Anybody able to direct me to a download ?


28.05.2012 21:41, Graham Cottrell from Neston, Cheshire E-mail :
Just wanted to say how impressed we are with the new WADDY line up. Was at the Stockport Gig earlier this year and Morecambe last Friday. The Band are still sounding AMAZING. Andy,Rob and Dean have fitted in so well. Lead vocals from Andy are EXCELLENT. I was there at the beginning after seeing them on New Faces back in 1973 and have attended over 800 Concerts since then. After seeing these two latest shows, the Waddy's are still "The Worlds Greatest Rock & Roll Band". LONG LIVE SHOWADDYWADDY!

25.05.2012 17:31, pollmeier E-mail Homepage :
hi I'm a website for dave dee I would ask them to write me their memories of dave dee and also viileicht photos in advance, I thank you thank pollmeier

20.05.2012 18:03, Katrin Wagner from Kassel (D) E-mail :
6500 people including us were looking forward to seeing Showaddywaddy last night in Dortmund, but the band wasn't there and the promoter/host gave no information about the WHY. Shame :-( We hope to see the guys again soon somewhere...

16.05.2012 17:14, paul hamerton from southampton E-mail :
Yet another fantastic gig at Worcester it was a great night enjoyed by a full house.Special thanks to the guys for letting me do what i did it meant a lot and to Andy for mentioning our fan group on stage.Great evening with fellow fans worth a 5 hour train journey both ways up the WADDS

13.05.2012 11:00, wendy hillier from pontypridd E-mail :
Well had another brill night in worcester they just keep getting better and better,and they have so much fun on stage. Cant wait till next month to see them.

07.05.2012 16:48, wendy from pontypridd E-mail :
well i have seen the guys 4 times this year lready and another one next weekend im also hoping to book a few more in this year toon nevee thought i would be able to go nand see them after dave b left after loving them for 34 yrs but im so glad i went as andy dean rob and dean fit in so well with paul rod and romeo cant wait to see them again this wekend 12 may

07.05.2012 06:54, Stephen Briscoe from Preston,Lancashire E-mail :
Great to see Showaddywaddy still going strong.First seen them in 1978 at Preston Guild Hall.

06.05.2012 20:50, Jason Reed E-mail :
Saw the new line up for the first time at Chesham last night - they were AMAZING!
Best performance I've seen for the last few years. Andy Pelos was a brilliant frontman.
Long may they continue :)

05.05.2012 08:56, Paul Fixter from Wakefield :
FAO Paul Hamerton - thanks for the note about cancelled gigs, site due to be updated shortly. Sorry it is not as up to date as you would like - unfortunately lots of 10 hour days at work and busy weekends with wife and two kids, watching Bradford City, and gigs/practices with my band mean I can't update it as often as I would like. I did mention the Blackpool cancellation on the Twitter feed though a couple of weeks back! Cheers, Paul

04.05.2012 20:03, David from Darlington E-mail :
Love the new line up, seen them 2 times on this tour already in Glasgow and Alnwick and have a 3rd lined up in Morecambe.
Hope the lads decide to have a gig in Darlington sometime to save me a trip ;)

04.05.2012 13:51, paul hamerton from southampton E-mail :
Saw the guys at Swanage,off to Worcester next weekend.Andy is carrying on the tradition of a great frontman and Rob and Dean fit in so well alongside Rod,Romeo and Paul long may it continue.Would like to add though they deserve the gig list being correct on the site as cancelled gigs like Blackpool are still showing as on luckily Andy has kept us all informed.

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Entries: 558
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