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This is the new Guestbook for (from April 2012), which was created due to the old provider (Netgear) deciding to close down their hosted guestbook service.


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10.09.2012 19:54, terry from isle of man E-mail :
hi just to say whot a shame about the book hope it comes out soon i am in a shoddywaddy tribute band called shoddywaddy here on the isle of man we are out most weekends playing so long live rock and roll
shoddywaddy (terry

09.09.2012 12:38, JB :
Happy birthday Trevor. Hope you're well x

07.09.2012 19:36, Lynda from Norfolk :
Still no refund from Hirst or response to emails. Double blow had tickets for Great Yarmouth for tomorrow venue cancelled about a month ago and promised refund within the week. Guess what still waiting contacted them the lady did get back but said she had been to busy promised chq this week but no sign yet.

07.09.2012 07:34, Jackie from Croydon E-mail :
Showaddywaddy without Dave = no SWW.
I've been a huge fan of SWW since i was 12, i'm now 47, would see them whenever they were in Croydon or Kent but it just isn't SWW anymore. Fair play to Rod and Romeo for sticking with it, but in my mind SWW were Dave, Al, Trev, Romeo, Buddy, Russ, Rod and The Duke. I do wish the band good luck in the future, but with only two original members in it the band is more like a tribute band now, oh Dave why did you have to give it all up?

06.09.2012 17:22, Nick E-mail :
Has anyone had a refund from Hirst yet? I am getting a bit fed up of waiting.

02.09.2012 18:11, Pam :
I have e-mailed Hirst publishing 3 times now and not received any reply or my refund of £12.99. Has anyone received a refund or has he done a runner with everyones money. I also paid via paypal and they will not refund as it is past the 45 days (I paid 26/12/11). Help!!

29.08.2012 17:39, Jason Reed :
Hi everyone
the band are on TOTP on BBC3 tonight at 7:30

10.08.2012 09:43, john carr :
hello everyone I was reading an article in a nottingham newspaper about the was about the 911 attack ...he said that he had lost a cousin called stuart metzler or he was trying to find ..I hope he was okay...regards john

08.08.2012 23:53, john carr from cheshire E-mail :
hello everyone what happened to unicorn the web site is not there?

01.08.2012 13:07, Lynda from Norfolk E-mail :
Shame about Daves book contacted Hirst on Sunday by email no response to date. Tried to claim back my money via Pay Pal but they say I only have 45 days to make a claim for non delivery and since Hirst have had my money since 17th December they cant help. Anyone else got this situation ?

01.08.2012 08:52, Lynda :
Shame about Daves book was really looking forward to it. Anyone had their refund yet ? I have emailed Hirst asking for it since they have sat on my money since the beginning but had no response from them.Is it likely to take as long for them to process refunds as it has to publish. Looking forward to seeing the guys at Gt Yarmouth next month.

24.07.2012 09:18, joanne davies from pontypridd E-mail :
well i went to another gig on weekend and all i can say is the guys rocked the stage as always andy dean rod rob paul and romeo all gave it all they had and they went down a storm. cant wait for the next gig i go to in 10 weeks time. hope they have a nice few weeks off now as it is well over due for them as they are fantastic on that stage together and all i can say is up the mighty wadds well done lads ur rock

23.07.2012 20:49, Paul Fixter from Wakefield :
Hi John (Carr) - the Superpop clip on YouTube was removed as obtaining it necessitated the signing of a contract to say it would not be uploaded or used anywhere, so it was in violation of that.
And yes you are right - Andy Pelos was formerly with The Teddys (as was Paul Dixon too of course for a short time).

Hi Mary - yes rumours that there will be a CD with the new lineup but nothing concrete yet.

Hi Pam - book still not out yet! Publisher not often replying to emails I am told. Book will be coming out, but no one knows when, not even Dave!

All - follow me on Twitter for all the latest Showaddywaddy news @paulfixter

23.07.2012 18:48, john carr from cheshire E-mail :
Hello paul how are you ,there was on youtube around christmas last...showaddywaddy on superpop doing a few numbers from 76 I think it was taken off by the owner ....have you got a copy of it.....regards john

23.07.2012 16:24, maryjane E-mail :
I would like to no how the new group get on with Andy Pelos and are we going to have a new cd comming out before November from Mary

23.07.2012 14:00, john carr from cheshire E-mail :
hello everyone wasn,t andy pelos with the teddys?....can,t beat daves voice

15.07.2012 18:34, Pam from United Kingdom E-mail :
Has anyone received this book yet? I also notice that it is now £3 cheaper than I paid for it....will Hirst Publishing be refunding the difference? I`ve also never had a reply from them!

13.07.2012 19:43, Amanda from Devon E-mail :
Looking forward to seeing you at the Looe festival this year. Hoping to see you next year to as I will be celebrating my 40th birthday!

06.07.2012 13:02, terry from isle of man E-mail :
hi good to see you back on the road,looking foward to daves book, can you help me at all .i am in a showaddywaddy tribute band on the isle of man and we are trying to get hold of the backing track to always and for ever can you help

01.07.2012 12:53, Paul Fixter from Wakefield :
FAO Sue - yes I think it will be too late now - I understand the books have been printed and will be distributed shortly.
All the best, Paul,

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Entries: 558
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