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This is the new Guestbook for (from April 2012), which was created due to the old provider (Netgear) deciding to close down their hosted guestbook service.


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13.01.2018 11:27, David Errington from Morpeth E-mail :
I lost my father on Monday, and needed a lift. I went to the Whitley Bay gig on Friday, and the lads provided the perfect tonic. A fantastic night of entertainment. Thanks for the years of great music, and especially for last night. Highly recommended. See you in Newcastle in March.

30.11.2017 18:52, Peter from Eastbourne E-mail :
Is there any chance of an old pair of beetle crusher shoes?!! Size 9/10 any colour, needed for new year party and can't afford new. Meanwhile, great show in Eastbourne and my thanks for continuing to tour.

29.11.2017 11:38, FRED THE TED from gloucester E-mail :
hi Rod, can u fix a couple of comps 4 your GIG at MILL RYTHME in Dec for me and SETCH {Re meeting up at THE PAVILONS EXMOUTH}a few yrs back.ha ha.Were in Hayling on that nite.apprieciate. FRED THE TED.

21.11.2017 11:31, Maureen Moran from scotland E-mail :
I was at the Lemon Tree on the 18th October with my husband and 3 friends as we have done every time you come to the Lemon tree, and we loved it.Thank you all so much for taking the time to have pictures takes with us and sign your autographs too on the Showaddywaddy
diary and notebook we bought from the merchandise table..My friend Janette and I were especially pleased
.Hope to see you all again soon and Thanks to you all for the Showaddywaddy experience!!.

19.11.2017 01:51, Lesley Gallacher from Aberdeen E-mail :
Had a fab time at the gig tonight, been a fan since my sister started me off way back in the 70's!
Loved it and can't wait until you're back in Aberdeen

13.11.2017 12:23, FRED THE TED from gloucester E-mail :
hi paul, the WADDS R at MILL RYHE HOL in dec can u fix a couple of passes meand SETCH..workin mates in da past with the WADDS love to meet up with Rod again. cheers FRED

11.11.2017 12:17, Celia Bennett from Malvern Worcestershire E-mail :
Just like to say we were at the show In Malvern last night... Was amazing... Me and my significant other have always been fans... He's got every album... Look forward to seeing you all again soon... Please come back :-)

11.11.2017 08:44, Carl & Kath from Malvern, Worcestershire E-mail :
Just wanted to thank all the boys in the band for a fantastic show at Malvern last night and for taking time to meet a big fan, June, after the show. June has learning difficulties and has followed the band for decades. The boys popped by after the show for pictures and to sign a t-shirt. She was disappointed not to see Dave too and get a signed pic from him! Many thanks.

30.10.2017 11:46, ian dodson from norwich E-mail :
showaddywaddy at norwich theature royal sunday 29th october. what a treat,best live gig i have been to, faultless performance.

05.08.2017 00:14, Barry Griffiths from Weymouth E-mail Homepage :
Attended your gig in Weymouth! truly amazing. brought back many memories when I 1st seen you in 1978 at the Night out in Stafford!!

Entertainment at its BEST!!

17.07.2017 14:18, Robert hunter from Dallas, texas E-mail :
Your band had a song in the soundtrack for lesbian vampire killers. Do you have a copy and how much? thanks

02.04.2017 01:56, Danny McInally from Scotland E-mail :
Was at tonight's gig in Ayr guys and just wanted to say 1st Class, thank you so much.

Been a fan since 1979 and although found my way into the Mod scene and still driving scooters today, I'm still a massive fan and love the gigs.

I've been to many gigs over the years, but Showaddywaddy gigs are what people love and the atmosphere is better then any other gig I've been too. There's something so personal about them, such a connection with the fans.

26.03.2017 21:44, Jen from Norwich E-mail :
My mum goes every year to watch the gig in Lowestoft, sadly she had no one to go with this year so I went with her, not knowing what to expect as I am 29, so I can only just remember some of the songs. It was one of the best nights I've had. I got to spend time with my mum doing something she really enjoyed, the whole place was so alive! So many people bouncing it was brilliant! and afterwards the band had nothing but time to have some photos with us. To make it even better, a norwich gig is now on the cards and it's the day of her birthday. I will most definitely be taking her, I cannot think of a better birthday present for her. Thank you for such a brilliant night.

23.03.2017 22:35, Wendy ward E-mail :
An original fan,dusting off the scarf and going to Butlins, roll on the weekend and the same magic

16.03.2017 20:11, Helen from inverness E-mail :
Cannae wait to see you at Eden Court in Inverness....loved you then and I loved you now. I have my very own Showaddywaddy outfit in neon pink which I will wear with great pride. Bring it on! Love yah x

12.03.2017 11:38, Lesley Fudge from Aberaeron E-mail :
Hi All
Saw the show again last night in the Arts Centre Aberystwyth.
Great night was had by all. Thinking of seeing you in Porthcawl on 10 June.

09.03.2017 06:52, Caroline from S73 E-mail :
Does anyone want to see them at Rotherham in November?I am going to be going alone this time and I will pay half of the ticket price for the person who accompanies me.If interested please email me on

04.03.2017 00:10, Eric Hart from Poynton, Cheshire E-mail :
Just got back after seeing your brilliant show tonight at St. Helens Theatre Royal. What a great night and thanks to all the band members for a superb show. You've 'Still Got What It Takes' and wish you well for the rest of your 2017 gigs. Look forward to seeing you in Stockport in 2018, which is closer to home.

26.02.2017 21:01, Andrew Thick from Ashford, Kent E-mail :
I saw Showaddywaddy play Bromley on 17th February 2017 and they were truly brilliant - the place was rocking and jumping. I'll see you again soon!

25.02.2017 23:38, eric from lowestoft E-mail :
went to see showaddywaddy at lowestofts marina theatre on feb 18 2017 never seen anyone bring lowestoft so alive like they did that night was a brilliant night, well done to showaddywaddy.

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Entries: 558
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